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2x Acquisitions, Husband, Father, Investor in 70+ Startups, Advisor. Building to enable individuals and families to create their communities.

1st, thank you to CED for providing me permission to use various screenshots from their report. Show them some love and download the full version. There’s no cost. You just agree to get some awesome updates from them on what’s happening within the founder community in NC. They have not endorsed my post or linked statements. These are my thoughts.

The CED Innovators Report just came out. Over $3.4B ($3,400,000,000) was invested in 187 unique North Carolina private (pre-IPO / pre-stock market) companies in 2020, primarily from institutions and larger funders outside of North Carolina.

The result?

If and when…

$5M was raised from the crowd in about two weeks by Arlan Hamilton’s VC, Backstage Capital when the new rules kicked off in March 2021.

…now we’re seeing other VCs do the same. Why?

TLDR: It’s a much easier way for VCs to thrive. It

  • reduces risk to the VC and crowd
  • provides $ to recruit better VC team talent
  • creates more LPs (a Limited Partner is an investor in the VC private fund)
  • and help startups succeed

However, it’s still ILLEGAL for non-wealthy investors to invest in a VC private fund. Huh? How are VCs taking money from non-wealthy…

There’s traditional VC and now there’s an emergence of what I’m calling a #CommunityVCFund.

A VC is an individual or group who invests other people’s money

…typically into startups e.g. ‘paper napkin’ idea, ‘garage-stage’, …or a little later future potential Google’s and Apple’s of the world. Yes, there’s a ton of potential money in this, but also a ton of risk. (See the VC calculator at the end)

A VC has 2 primary parts.

  1. The VC Private Fund where the LP’s money goes
  2. A General Partner (GP)which acts as what’s called an “Investment Advisor” whose job is to direct the $ invested by LPs into the VC Private Fund into the multiple…

As a follow-up to my previous Medium article and post on LinkedIn, it looks like individuals, families, and citizens were taking action in parallel to each other.

$1.8M invested to convert a hotel to living space in Albemarle, NC (outside of Charlotte)

It is almost like there as a massive telepathy event and we were all thinking the same thing at the same time.

Not only do Albemarle and other citizens get to shape the future of Albemarle, assuming property values rise, guess who shares in the downstream rewards of this …a broader and more diverse community!

History repeated itself

About 100 years ago, in 1921, Dr. W.C. Fitzgerald raised capital from the citizens of Albemarle to begin…

Apple logo (Apple image)

North Carolina raise up, but what does this mean for individuals and families?

For example, in Austin, TX it’s ~$400K to hire a full-stack developer in some cases. Here are the thoughts of a conscious capitalist who loves his community!

1. Awesome to those who land the jobs. I hope y’all find ways to give back, invest, and grow our region locally.

2. Can #CrowdPE (Private Equity) help mitigate gentrification of our state? PE = The ability for individuals and families to invest smaller dollars in real estate (RE) and the businesses paying leases to the RE. …

…said my wife to me.

“Forget ‘I hope you’ll join us’…get on board because what we are creating is reshaping the very foundations of how communities are built…and how people thrive.”

It is a bold and very powerful statement.

She’s 1,000% right!

I told her we should have her on camera and she said no…

…so I naturally slide out my phone and Talk to Text recorded what my wife said. I was just quick enough to capture her thoughts about the transformation the 2 FemTech founders Eric and I met with earlier today are making simply because they refuse to let the…

There’s so much division in society, yet so much opportunity for everyone to generate wealth without having to be wealthy. I read this article about another proposed tax to billionaires.

-1 time tax
-Helps people for ONLY 1 year
-Unlocks $800M from NC billionaires and $40B+ from those like Jeff Bezos

Oh you have to ‘love’ these calls to action to tax the wealthy and redistribute wealth by the ‘absolute most efficient’ entity in the world… yes that is sarcasm if you didn’t catch it.

I’m going to share some of the ‘secrets’ of the billionaires and millionaires that…

Image Credit:

When the fundamentals are being rewritten and it is difficult to find a point of reference because it’s a moving target, I lean on God more and more.

Financial markets collapse,

During a time with one of the largest divides in socio-economic status, much of the world wonders how long they can hold on, when they were barely getting by before.

People die and loved ones cry.

But I have hope...
-Corporations are stepping up to build supplies needed without being asked
-Individuals are sacrificing to meet the needs of neighbors they've never met
-Churches spread a message…

I have a confession…

…Prior to the Auto Intelligence Summit, I had absolutely no experience in the auto industry …well I guess that’s a lie. I do own a car.

So why did I attend the Summit? …


Telematics, using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict mechanical failures, monetizating Connected Vehicle tech to track human usage of features and behaviors within cars…yes all of this is happening…at very rapid rates.

The level of disruption taking place is requiring auto makers, dealers, auto finance, auto insurance, and all things auto, to break down silos and work together…

Republished from LinkedIn

HSBC nears testing Blockchain in Live Transactions

Combined with Microsoft’s recent news about their protocol, Coco, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is well on its way to rapid mainstream adoption.

This is pretty incredible news considering that according to Gartner, blockchain (aka DLT) is at the top of the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ curve and mainstream adoption is predicted in 5–10 years. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum blockchain predicts mainstream adoption in 2–3 years.

This recent news combined with multiple pilots of blockchain Distributed Applications (DApps) may be why IBM, Deloitte, Microsoft and other companies…

William McGuire

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