Helping to curve gentrification …thank y’all!

$1.8M invested to convert a hotel to living space in Albemarle, NC (outside of Charlotte)

History repeated itself

  • In the 1930’s the Security and Exchange Commission was formed to protect investors after the stock market collapse. They shut down access to all but the wealthy (‘accredited investors’) to invest in projects like this.
  • 80+ years later (in 2016), it finally became legal for non-accredited citizens to invest in private businesses again.
  • Education Gap?? …yes …as society we train our children to go to school to learn to get into more school …to land a good comfortable job …to train their kids to go to school…
  • What if your child is supposed to be a business owner / entrepreneur / founder? Where do they get training for that?



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William McGuire

William McGuire

2x Acquisitions, Husband, Father, Brother. Investor in 80+ Startups, Advisor. Building for communities to grow & fund the democratized #FutureEconomy