Some of the wealthy have played by a different set of rules since the 1930’s, most had no idea they could, & 93% of society was left out…

Let me simplify why this is important.

  1. 1st the early accredited investors, and
  2. Then the team who built the companies, or
  3. Sometimes both of those groups split the returns equally with their ownership without preference over the investors (but that’s beyond the scope of this article).

But it doesn’t stop at just the high growth tech and device companies…

Excerpt from McKinsey Global Private Markets Review 2019

It doesn’t stop at Operating Businesses…

Funny enough, 90% of accredited investors don’t even know they have this elevated access

Impact to households and families

So 93% of the population has access to the stock market returning ~10%/yr on average vs ~7% of the population has access to investments paying MORE for 80+ years.

That’s largely why we have a wealth gap.

Now, everyone has the opportunity

  1. creates the opportunity for entrepreneurs to seek capital from anyone,
  2. encourage those people to help them grow their companies, and
  3. share in any returns created together



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William McGuire

William McGuire

2x Acquisitions, Husband, Father, Brother. Investor in 80+ Startups, Advisor. Building for communities to grow & fund the democratized #FutureEconomy