Tech Startups Shaping the World

  • BatteryXchange’s “Redbox for battery rental” keeps society charged on the go especially in colleges, universities, and healthcare clients such as Atrium Health.
  • The Black Dollar Corp’s directory showcases 1,100+ black-owned businesses and also runs a retail arm supporting those without physical retail space to sell their products in downtown Raleigh with more locations coming along with a co-manufacturing arm.
  • Blue Gas Marine’s hybrid natural gas conversion kit for boats burning 100 or 1,000 gallons of fuel per day is more efficient than gasoline & diesel and solves major environmental problems for waterways & the air we breathe
  • BNNano’s Boron Nitride NanoBarb™ can make space ships up to 40% lighter and they’ve landed some major top tier clients and partnerships — Huneed, TER Group (German chemical distribution company), DOD labs, the US Navy, Kairos,True Velocity, and several others
  • Cardstalk’s print on demand greeting cards from local artisans helps you deliver a personal touch, helps artisans thrive, and takes up way less space for retailers
  • GreenLifeTech™’s tech to solve food waste extends fresh produce life by up to 5x and is initially rolling out as a consumer product, but imagine its economic & environmental impact on refrigeration freight transport
  • Josh Terry BitVault’s partnership with allows anyone to be part of Web 3.0 by getting into Bitcoin mining operations
  • Simpliworks’ software serves 3rd party Amazon and other eCommerce sellers — they even helped a company scale from $0 in revenue to meaningful sale of their business (exit) in less than 1 year
  • Trilliott’s RFID IoT software is transforming logistics and supply chain in a big way — enabling them to track all of their things in real time



The Black Dollar Corp

Blue Gas Marine


  • Integral to rebuilding local communities harmed by globalization by bringing manufacturing back to the US — manufacturing in Burlington, NC
  • Reduce environmental impact by reducing the amount of materials needed in manufacturing
  • Free from supply chain limitations (100% US produced and readily available)
  • Creating new novel solutions such as water purification via their nanotubes
  • A growing US National Security asset
  • And more…


  • Select a design from a local artisan,
  • pay, and
  • print in less than a minute.


“Josh Terry BitVault”





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