Economic access has never been better

Annual wage and salary accruals per full-time equivalent employee in the United States from 2000 to 2020
The Simpliworks Co-Founders, from left: Udeh Onwuka, Malik McCray and Keith Jenkerson.
Excerpt from McKinsey Global Private Markets Review 2019

Educational DNA aided this system of the haves and have nots

The common status quo of what one should do for opportunity is to go to higher education (community college, universities, etc.) to land that shiny degree that helps land a ‘great’ job.

  • obtain the knowledge they need, and
  • opens doors for the experience they need to start



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William McGuire

William McGuire

2x Acquisitions, Husband, Father, Brother. Investor in 80+ Startups, Advisor. Building for communities to grow & fund the democratized #FutureEconomy